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The Nordic HF conferences

A series of Nordic conferences on HF communications was initiated in 1986 when HF 86 was held in Sweden, and due to its popularity it has been held every third year since then. International interest in contributing with papers, exhibits and participants has grown, and we are now pleased to find that a conference that initially was planned for a limited audience of Nordic countries now has an international acclaim.

  Planning has started for the next upcoming conference, HF 25, 11-13 August 2025. More information will come ...

  The most recent Nordic HF conference, HF 22, was held 15-17 August 2022

  Participants to HF 22 with a My Pages account may access the Download Page.
     More info is on the News page. [29-Aug-2022]

  All previous HF 22 info are now found via the Invitation and Archive pages. 

 All previous conferences: Nordic HF Archive (HF 86, HF 89, HF 92, HF 95, HF 98, HF 01, HF 04, HF 07, HF 10, HF 13, HF 16, and HF 19)

How to obtain the Proceedings on CD-ROM from all previous conferences.

The HF conferences are always held at the Fårö kursgård camp on Fårö, a small Swedish island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The SL1HF card shows the location.

The Nordic Radio Society is the official host and organiser of the event.

Questions: Contact mailto.gif (96 bytes) info(at)nordichf.org